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If you are in need of security for your office building or reception area, NAD has the right corporate security officers for you. They are professionally trained to provide you with the best corporate security cover at cost effective rates. This can be tailor made to suit every environment, with the assurance of maximum security for your employees, office or building.

At NAD Security Services our objective is to achieve and maintain the position of recognised leaders within the security industry. Our customers expect more from us today. We strive to outshine our competitors and use the Quality Improvement Process to achieve this. To meet this challenge and achieve our objective, we define our customers’ needs clearly and agree to their requirements with them, and then provide an Error Free Service.


N.A.D. Security was founded in 1988 when it was recognized that a niche existed in the market place for a security company specializing in risk management and not only in combating losses. Starting from a small base in Chamdor the company dedicated its efforts to providing uncompromising quality in every aspect of service. This preoccupation with quality has paid dividend for both our clients and us, saving them thousands of rands on insurance rebates. Our philosophy is based on the principle that security is an investment, which contributes meaningfully to your long-term profits. This is achieved through becoming an integral partner in your risk management team. By fully understanding your security requirements, we are better able to reduce risks and contribute towards establishing a secure and safe environment in which your workers are more secure and better protected. It is our goal to provide a security service that attacks the industries traditional weaknesses such as high turnover, inadequate training, unqualified supervision, and lack of career interest. Our security officers are not merely guards, they are actively involved members of a team trained to protect your property and provide assistance not generally available from our competitors. Security services are no longer a service provider supplying guards to industry but a science to be studied and research daily. Security should no longer be seen as just a cost, it should be evaluated and determined which ways they can save the company money, reduce risk, adjust insurance premiums and alleviate factory staff from security and risk control functions pertaining to security.


Our head office situated at 3 Caxton Road, Industria, caters for the specific needs required in the Industrial area. This location also makes it possible for our managers to visit our sites at least once a day


Quality management begins when the first contact is made with a prospective client. The first step is a detailed and thorough assessment of their needs, which is conducted by our experienced Risk Control Manager.
This report forms the basis of a tailor-made proposal. Once the client is totally happy with this proposal, only then do we commence with:
  • selection and training of the required staff
  • compiling a Site Procedure Manual which outlines site management procedures and all on-site duties to be performed.
  • introducing all selected personnel to the client for final approval. New sites will always have a mix of new and experienced NAD staff.
Once the service has commenced, daily contact is maintained between the client and the senior management. Any changes or improvements required are identified and implemented. NAD managers hold formal meetings with clients on a weekly or monthly basis or more often if requested. Detailed minutes are kept and acted upon accordingly.
In addition to this, monthly reports are submitted which include a record of all incidents, potential threats, and proposed measures to improve systems and service, in line with our philosophy of continuous improvement.
The core business of NAD is the provision of efficient and cost-effective integrated security solutions through skilled and highly trained personnel, supported by appropriate technology.


Our management plays an integral part in the daily operations of our company. They are available on a 24 hour basis, with clients having direct access to management without going through any red tape. Management is actively involved in CPF and business forums in the areas they serve with close liaison with the SAP.



NAD regards supervision as a vital part of manpower management. We ensure that all levels of supervisory staff are fully aware of their responsibilities and accountability before a contract commences. On-site supervision depends on the nature, size and function of the security team. However, our rank structure will always include a Site Commander who is responsible for the day-to-day management of site operations, supervision, and client liaison.
At NAD we consider the quality of our people to be the cornerstone of client satisfaction, and the foundation for providing a highly professional security service.
To achieve this, we:
  • remunerate our employees well above the legislated minimum wage
  • offer attractive fringe benefits
  • offer performance based incentives.
Security personnel are the first to greet your clients and the last to bid them farewell. This makes it imperative that they project the image of your company. It should therefore come as no surprise that NAD considers grooming and communication skills to be as important as the ability to perform a security function.
Our stringent selection procedures include an initial interview and applicants' success depends on the satisfactory completion of, among other criteria:
  • a panel interview
  • an aptitude test
  • reference checks
  • a crime-free record
Independent research has shown that our people are vastly superior to the industry standard, and our managers in particular are undoubtedly leaders in their field.


NAD Security Services has proved to be one of the companies with the lowest staff turn over during 2008 due to the fact that we do not use sub-contractors, and with our incentive and training programs our guards remain loyal to our clients and company. This supplied with proof of all guards used on site pertaining to screening, criminal record clearance and PSIRA registration, for their own records. Due to the nature of the job and the security services industry regulations, all our corporate security officers are carefully chosen based on their level of professionalism, mannerisms, aptitude, and skill. They also endure complete and thorough background checks for any possible criminal record. This, in addition to being PSIRA registered, NAD limits the number of clients that it services to a maximum of 15 per senior operational manager. Thus guaranteeing personalized and effective client liaison.
In our opinion the statutory regulated training courses for security officers do not adequately address risk management and safety as the final purpose of the tasks performed by security officers. Empowering security officers to understand their duties as the execution of risk management tasks is left to the employers of security officers who take the trouble to do so. And, in our experience, even the lowest grade of security officer is empowered in the performance of his duty when trained to understand the risk management context and implications of the often boring and repetitive tasks he is expected to perform.



A full risk assessment is done on the client’s site listing probabilities and severities off all incidences that might occur in future. Our job descriptions, training and man power requirements are based on this after discussions with the client.


It needs to be remembered that security officers are in control of your premises after hours and have to make crucial decisions pertaining to emergency and disastrous situations that might occur. To cater for this our guards are trained to handle emergencies such as: Armed Robbery, Fire Alarms, Hazardous Chemical spills, Labor Unrest and Bomb Threats.


Our guard rooms are laid out in such a way that it can serve as an alternative crisis control centre, including: 2 way Radios, Emergency listed numbers and pre-plans. Set up by our management to fulfill the needs of our Clients.



Our research and development department is in the forefront of new technology, and under the OSHA umbrella we have now developed a compact disk containing the complete occupational health and safety act and legal compliance which also include power point training slides to ensure 100% legal compliance and rebates on insurance companies’ premiums. This disk is free to our valid clients.


  • We are based in your area
  • Our rates are very competitive, but still come with the highest level of service expected from our clients
  • Our contracts are risk free and short term. If you feel like you do not need us or you are unsatisfied with our services, you may terminate the contract at any time
  • You do not need to go through red tape, our management is available to respond to your problems and needs on a 24 hour, 7 days a week call-out
Since 1991 we have grown from strength to strength while at all times attempting to remain a relatively small company, thereby ensuring that we can maintain a personal hands-on approach to our customers’ needs, with our management having direct access to our customers. As a result of this, we can in the event of a problem, address your problem directly and not rely on you having to struggle through an increasingly inaccessible hierarchy of managers and supervisors. As owners and operators we are at your service 24 hours a day seven days a week.



Additional services are offered to our Clients on pre-inspection of audits by Department of Labour, insurance companies, fire inspections etc. At no extra costs. COID WCA